We bet you can’t wait to get back out and about with your friends a family!

Perhaps you have decided to go and watch Wimbledon this year? After all, it is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year!

Here at Airport Priority Cars, we offer sports event travel services that mean that we can safely transport you to, from and around any sporting event in the UK of your choice. We are a brilliant solution for stress-free travelling.

We can understand why Wimbledon attracts a flock of excited Tennis fans every year, that is why we wanted to give you a hand with how to plan for your trip to Wimbledon this year!

Here are our top tips!


1.      Plan your transport!

It is incredibly important that you plan your transport ahead of time. This way you can ensure you get a reliable company to transport you, your friends and your family safely to Wimbledon. Leaving your transport to the last minute can potentially cause you problems as many transport services will be fully booked.

Take a look at how you can book your transport for your Wimbledon visit through us! We are more than happy to provide you with a service you will be pleased with.

We also understand that you may want to drop off your belongings at an accommodation. That is why we can organise to fit this in with your travel. We are also happy to take you to and from Wimbledon. Should you fancy stopping off at a shop, pub or restaurant on your way back, we can do that too!

Sporting events are a great trip out on which you may also want to socially drink! Of course, we recommend responsible drinking, but we also are firm believers in safe driving. We are a great solution for those who may wish to drink and need to get from the venue to their accommodation safely and legally.

We pride ourselves on providing a personal service. All you will have to do is let us know in advance, and we can tailor your trip to suit your needs.


2.      Pack your essentials!

Be sure to bring with you any necessities you need for the day as well as overnight should this apply to you.

Wimbledon is sticking to Covid-19 guidelines recommended by the Government. This will mean that you will need to stick to social distancing rules, wearing a mask if you are not exempt as well as sanitising your hands should you wish to.

It is recommended that you bring water and sun protection, as this time of year it can see some high temperatures. Although, it is always good to have a raincoat spare just in case the sunny weather decides to turn to showers!

Should you need to drop off any luggage you bring with you, we are more than happy to factor this in. You will however, need to give us this information in advance so that we can fit it into your travel schedule and get you to Wimbledon on time.


3.      Get excited!

The most important tip is to look forward to your trip! Wimbledon is a brilliant sporting event that never fails to impress!

There is no need to stress about travel, as if you have booked this through us we will be in charge of getting you there with plenty of time and in style.

This is the perfect time to get yourself acquainted with some Wimbledon history! Or maybe you could look into what is nearby that you may want to visit afterward? Perhaps some shops? A pub? Or even a restaurant?

Whatever it may be, we are sure you will be able to have a wonderful time!


If you haven’t found a solution for your transportation to Wimbledon this year or a different sporting event, feel free to reach out to us. We are always happy to help and are open to accommodate any of your needs.