We all need to travel to get places. A lot of people manage by driving themselves everywhere. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from the wheel. There’s also a lot of people who either can’t drive or need to avoid driving. That’s where private transport comes in. With your very own personal chauffeur, you can get where you need to be without worrying about filling up on fuel, paying for train tickets or missing the bus.

There are many benefits of private transport and we thought that we would go through some of the main reasons you should be booking your own car.

Get Things Done

Maybe you forgot to finish preparing that presentation for your meeting? Having to factor in driving time can limit the time you have to get things done. One of the benefits of private transport is that it gives you that time back. It eliminates the need for you to concentrate on the road and leaves you free to use your time to be productive. You can complete any tasks that need doing without worrying about a thing. The same goes for if you’re a student. Instead of trying to finish off that homework on a busy school bus, private transport gives you a safe way to travel in peace, making sure you’re relaxed and ready for the school day.

Avoid Issues with Parking

If you’re travelling to and from a busy city, trying to navigate your way around and secure parking can be an absolute nightmare. Avoid the infuriation, and book private transport. With your own personal car, you can get dropped and picked up directly to and from your chosen location. We can make sure that you end up exactly where you need to be.

More Hygienic

We believe that travelling by private hire car is more hygienic than by public transport. This is because there are a lower number of people using the service. We also follow COVID-19 guidelines and ensure that all surfaces are sanitised between journeys. One of the benefits of private transport is that you come in to contact with fewer people and social distancing can be more easily followed.

If you have any questions about our private transport services, and what we’re doing to keep our customers safe during these strange times, we would be more than happy to help. You can use our easy online contact form or call us on 01242 572224.

At Airport Priority Cars, we offer a range of services for airport transfers, point-to-point, meetings, day trips, medical appointments and even weddings & funerals.